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Home Staging

Whether you have a lived-in home or a vacant home we can complete it all. 

We offer a wide range of staging services and would love to help you get top dollar for your home. 

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Lived-in Property Staging

Getting your home ready for market can sometimes be stressful and we want to help get you there. In-person or virtual consults would be conducted to provide input on how to best get your home ready to list along with any potential furniture/decor rentals if required. 


Vacant Property Staging

Listing a house empty can sometimes deter potential buyers as they are unable to visualize the house as a home. We want to help give potential buyers a vision of how your house could be their next home. Each property is different so a consult would be required in order for us to provide an accurate quote. 


Furnished Rental Staging 

Furnished rental staging would be a property in which you are furnishing the unit for tenants to use such as a cottage or airbnb. We take the stress out of thinking of all the items required in order for your tenants to enjoy their stay. A consultation would be conducted of the property as well as a sense of how you are wanting the property to be used. A custom quote would be issued along with a full report and items that will be used to stage the rental property.


Rental Unit Staging

Are you looking at renting your vacant property as a long term rental? We can stage the property to give potential renters an idea of how they can style the rental as well as make them fall in love to rent. Similar to property staging, a consult would be conducted as well as a quote for items to be used to stage the rental unit. 


Property Styling

Styling a property prior to photos sometimes is difficult for some homeowners given timelines. We would come in and complete a styling of a fully furnished home without the require of rentals. 


Furniture and Decor Rentals

We have a wide range of items that can be rented whether it be based on our recommendations from a consultation or if you have an upcoming event in which you require rentals, we would love to help.

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